Uncategorized Want Credit Card Points to Increase Drastically? Apply these 6 tips

Want Credit Card Points to Increase Drastically? Apply these 6 tips

Who has a lot of credit card points? Immediately redeem points collected with various attractive offers from your credit card issuing bank starting from shopping promos, restaurant vouchers, flight discounts, lodging, and much more. The point is that the more points exchanged, the more interesting rewards can be obtained.

For those whose credit card points are still small, don’t be discouraged right away. Because, there are many ways you can do to increase credit card points drastically.


6 Tips to Increase Credit Card Points

6 Tips to Increase Credit Card Points

1. Complete Transactions with a Credit Card

All activities that cause cash outflows, such as hanging out in cafes, watching theaters or shopping for monthly needs, pay for the costs with a credit card. Every transaction completed with a credit card will earn points. The number of points itself depends on the total expenditure, which is certain the greater the expenditure, the greater points will be earned.

But remember, do not because you want to pursue credit card points, you become consumptive in shopping. Keep prioritizing what is needed to keep expenses under control every month.


2. Select the Merchant that Establishes Cooperation

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As you know, not all merchants provide credit card payments. Therefore, choose a merchant or shopping center that has established cooperation with credit card issuing banks, so that the points collected are getting the maximum amount.

To find a list of merchants that work together, you can visit the official website of the credit card issuing bank. The information needed will be listed on the site. Read carefully so as not to miss important information.


3. Charge All Bills to the Credit Card

Routine bills every month such as electricity, water, internet, and credit, you should pay with a credit card. You can charge all of these bills to your credit card. If the payment date has arrived, all bills will be recorded in the credit card payment history and can be paid when the end of the month arrives.

This method seems wasteful at a glance, when in fact it is not. This method is even easier to pay all bills, so that no single bill is missed. Thus, you can avoid a monthly bill.


4. Bring a Credit Card while on Vacation

Have a plan for a vacation in the near future? If you do, you should rely on your credit card to finance your vacation, whether it’s airplane tickets, lodging, entering tourist destinations, or shopping for souvenirs to get rewards points from credit cards.

So as not to seem wasteful, set a budget during the holidays. If expenses are almost over your budget, you should try to keep expenses down so that vacation costs don’t swell. In addition, it can also set credit card limits to prevent excessive spending flow.


5. Let Friends Use Your Credit Card

Credit Card while on Vacation

This one method seems a bit mainstream and risky, but powerful enough to maximize efforts to pursue credit card points. To minimize risk and other undesirable things, you can act as an intermediary when paying for friends’ transactions. So, the credit card remains in your hand, not in someone else’s hands.

Next, just ask your friends to pay off the debt. Make sure your friends pay on time so that they no longer have to bear late fees when the bills are due.


6. Make Sure the Validity Period Is Still Long

Points that have been collected have a validity period, usually 1 year. Exchange all the points you have before the validity period expires. If the number of points you want to exchange is not enough, just undo the intention to exchange it in the near future.

However, you should check the validity points more regularly so they don’t expire. If the points have expired, the points will be forfeited and cannot be exchanged for any rewards.


Be Rational When Collecting Points

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Rewards from credit card point redemption are like free gifts. It’s a relief if you get it. If that doesn’t work, then don’t be sad. Stay rational when collecting points. Do not let the monthly budget be damaged abysmally because only want to get rewards or prizes.

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